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Vol. 1, No 1, Supplement A, 2008
Vol. 2, No 1, 2009
Vol. 2, No 1, Supplement A, 2009
Vol. 3, No 1, 2010
Vol. 4, No 1, 2011
Vol. 4, No 1, Supplement A, 2011
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Journal of International Studies (www.csr.co.ua ) is a bi-annual international scholarly journal published by Centre of Sociological Research and Foundation of International Studies at the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences, Ukraine dedicated to advancing socio-economics analyses of societies and economy, institutions and organizations, groups, networks and interactions.

    Topics of interest for the above area include, but are not limited to, the following:
  • current global developments;
  • economic theory and international economics;
  • theory of international relations;
  • forecasting and analysis of world economy dynamics and socio-political developments;
  • international financial and currency developments;
  • theory of social and political processes;
  • international politics;
  • economic and socio-political developments in the USA, European and the Third World countries;
  • economic, social and political problems of the transition period in the region of the CEE and the former SU Ukraine.
Extended papers (approx. 8-12 pages) should be sent by e-mail to



by 20th January and by 20th May each year. Papers will be 8-12 pages (1,0-spaced) including abstract, keywords, JEL- classification, bibliographic references and tables. Papers accepted all year round, waiting time: max. 6 months.
Charge included into the conference or seminar fee, organized by Centre of Sociological Research.
Finally, papers, as with all other aspects of the journal, can be sent to the Editor.
We look forward to hearing from you.

Editor-in-Chief Prof. Dr. Valeriy Novytskyj
Deputy Editor-in-Chief Assoc. Prof. Dr. Jurij Bilan

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Centre of Sociological Research, Konovalca Str, 10/49, 46020, Ternopil, Ukraine
tel.: +380 98 4783673, office@csr.co.ua
Fundation of International Studies, Pyrogova str. 8/20, Kyiv 01030, Ukraine,
tel.: +380442350186 e-mails: fmd@ukr.net and yuriy_bilan@yahoo.co.uk
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