Projects, realized by the members of Ternopil district public organization “Centre of Sociological Research” independently and in cooperation with other organizations and higher educational establishments.

1. Inernational Questionnaire Research “Students’ entrepreneurship” (SES 2006) LAMA “Competitiveness of Labor Market in the CEE countries”, 6 Framework Program of EU.

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2. Development of environmental friendly tourism (interests include regional marketing, tourism, ecology): “triangle” – local government – tourism companies – NGO (supported by Foundation for Sustainable Development).

3. Inernational Questionnaire Research “Entrepreneurship and infrastructure: rural's aspects”

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4. Inernational Research “Regional educational market in Ukraine and Poland: comparative analysis”

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5. Inernational Questionnaire Research “Social-economic aspects of sustainable development”

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6. International project "EUMAGINE: Imagining Europe from the Outside",. 7 Framework Program of EU. Details: www.eumagine.org

EUMAGINE: Imagining Europe from the Outside

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