Iryna Lapshyna

PhD in economics
Expert in Centre of Sociological Research (at the public position). .

University education

Studies at Lviv Academy of Commerce, International Economic Relations (1994-1999).

Post-graduate studies at the Lviv Academy of Commerce. Department: International Economic Relations (1999- 2002).

Defending the PhD in economics, Ukraine, 2002.

Internship in University of Minnesota (USA) August - September 2004.

Internship in Warsaw School of Economics (SGH) March - April 2005

Studies at Program L. Kirkland, Poznan (Poland) September 2006-July 2007

Professional experience

Manager of the consulting department, Small and Middle Enterprise Development Center (1999 – 2001)

Local consultant, participation in the project “Fundraising”, Know-How Fond, Ukraine (05.2000-07.2000)

Director of the Recruitment Agency, Lviv Academy of Commerce, Ukraine (2002-today)

Vice-director of PostDiploma Institute, Lviv Academy of Commerce, Ukraine (2002-today)

Lecturer at the International Relations Chair, Lviv Academy of Commerce, Ukraine

Field of interests:

International labour migration.

Human capital development in Ukraine, investments in human capital, problems of human capital exchange.

Human capital competitiveness, quality of life, social security.

Social capital, management of social capital.

Fluent in Russian, Ukrainian. Strong working knowledge in English and Polish .

Email: irynala@rambler.ru

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