NGO “International economic research institute” (IERI)

I.Franka str, 98
tel./fax (+38 0322) 75-00-31
e-mail: sasha.a.m@gmail.com

The main fields of work of non governmental organization International economic research institute (IERI) are:

- the popularization of international experience and principles of forming the civil society in post socialistic countries and adaptation of Central and Eastern European countries’ experience of market transformations to social and economic conditions of Ukraine;

- analytical accompaniment and civil control of an Ukraine’s European integration process on the regional level by holding the researches concerning the problems of development of Ukraine’s trans border relationships with countries-members of EU and spreading the positive experience of development and functioning of euro areas;

- propaganda of the policy of European integration and main principles of its implementation in the surrounding of the local and regional authorities, especially in central and eastern regions of Ukraine.

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