European Center for Knowledge Development and Transfer

Wspólna str, 1a - Mierzyn
tel/fax:+48 091 4868825
e-mail: eucentrum@tlen.pl

European Center for Knowledge Development and Transfer is a scientific and education unit that conducts research and training in the scope of the development and transfer of knowledge in the economy and society. It also takes actions aiming at giving equal opportunities, and preventing from social exclusion.

The main objectives established by the Center are as follows:
- running research projects;
- conducting the research, preparing expert opinions and carrying out analyses;
- organizing courses, training, workshop, studies, conferences, seminars, and other forms of spreading knowledge, as well as gaining and spreading knowledge (the results of the research, scientific studies, expert opinions, and economic analyses in particular);
- creating and supporting regional networks of knowledge transfer and development, and propagating good practices.

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